Courses Offered in Pelita


  • Basic Safety Training
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilites

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PASB provides a comprehensive range of courses needed for employment in the maritime field as well as to acquire the necessary skills, abilities and attitudes. PASB recognizes that mariners come with diverse maritime experience and education as well as goals.

Below is a brief summary of the different types of learning opportunities available. Graduates are encouraged to talk with PASB lecturer to determine the appropriate program or courses that meet their goals. Admissions requirements and some policies vary depending upon the specific program.

PASB provides comprehensive training that is focused on your success beyond the classroom.

The Director General of Marine, Peninsular Malaysia has approved the following courses to be conducted at this academy:

  • Basic Safety Training (BST)
    Duration : 5 days 

  • Tanker Familiarization (TFA)
    Duration : 4 days
  • Medical First Aid (MFA)
    Duration : 3 days
  • Advance Fire Fighting (FFA)
    Duration : 4 days
  • Medical Care (MEC)
    Duration : 7 days

  • Radar Observer (ROB)
    Duration : 10 days
  • Electronic Navigational Aid (ENA)
    Duration : 10 days
  • General Operator Certificate (GOC)
    Duration : 12 days
  • Efficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (SCRB)
    Duration : 6 days
  • Shipboard Management (MSB)
    Duration : 4 days
  • Officer In Charge of a Navigational Watch Less Than 500 GT In Near Coastal Trade Voyage (WKO < 500GT)
    Duration : 10 weeks
  • Officer In Charge of a Navigational Watch 500 GT Or More In Near Coastal Trade Voyage (WKO > 500GT)
    Duration : 14 weeks
  • Engineer Officer of Less Than 750kW in Domestic and Near Coastal Trade Voyage  (EO)
    Duration : 5 weeks
  • Officer In Charge of a Engineering Watch 750 kW Or More In Near Coastal Trade Voyage (WKE)
    Duration : 8 weeks
  • Mate Domestic Less Than 500GT (Mate Dom)
    Duration : 3 weeks
  • Master Domestic Less Than 500 GT (Master Dom)
    Duration : 4 weeks
  • Master & Chief Mate on Ships of 3000 GT or More in Near Coastal Trade Voyage (Combine Deck)
    Duration :
    24 weeks
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