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Courses Offered in Pelita


  • Basic Safety Training
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilites

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Pelita Akademi Adn. Bhd. is a company registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (Company registration number : 457780-M).

We have been providing education and training for shipping industry for 15 years since its inception on 16th February 1998. By providing only a few modular courses at its initial stage, we are now offering a full package of courses for deck and engine crew up to Master & Engineer level.

Maintaining higher standard of training has earned us due recognitions form the maritime industry. Our latest achievement is producing a ship’s Master Certificate of Competency for the Near Coastal Voyage.

Currently we are producing a full-license officers and engineers to man commercial ship as follows:

  • Master Above 3000 GT for Near Coastal
  • Chief Officer Above 3000 GT for Near Coastal
  • 2nd Officer Above 500 GT for Near Coastal
  • 3rd Office Above 500 GT for Near Coastal
  • 2nd Officer Less 500 GT Near Coastal
  • 3rd Officer Less 500 GT Near Coastal
  • Master Less 500 GT Domestic
  • Chief Officer Less 500 GT Domestic
  • 2nd Officer Less 500 GT Domestic
  • 3rd Eng. Of 750 kW or More on Near Coastal
  • Jr. Eng. of Less 750kW on Domestic and Near Coastal




To be a reputable maritime academy in South-East Asia by year 2018


To innovatively deliver a quality education and training via an excellent learning environment to a mass volume of customer, at an accessible fee.


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